November 18, 2017 9:30 POTLUCK member meeting & 11:30 am Damsel In Defense presentation

Come join us for a potluck after the meeting and a presentation from Julie of Damsel in Defense.

Damsel In Defense’s mission:

Equip women with products that can protect them! Most women have never held a stun gun and can’t tell you where to find one to see, hold and purchase. We are changing that!

Empower women to protect themselves! We hear from customers time and again that having an item in their hand while walking to their car in a dark parking lot makes them feel safer. It is not a false sense of security, it is knowing that they are better off carrying a deterrent than they would be empty-handed.

Educate women by encouraging them to back up their purchases with self-defense training. Our relationships with our customers and our fight to lower the national statistics of assaults against women do not end at the time of purchase.

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