About Us

 We and Our Neighbors club is a place for women to socialize, become better informed and perform charitable works. 

Executive Board  



President:  Jennifer Freitas

Vice President 1: Carol Piexoto

Vice President 2: Vickie Johnson

Vice President 3: Libby Stewart

Director 1: Carol Nielsen

Director 2: vacant

Recording Secretary: Mary Cadell

Corresponding Secretary: Alice Matson

Treasurer: Sue Weitzel

Past Presidents:

2016-2017: Vickie Johnson, Carol Nielsen

2012-2016: Carol Miller

2014-2015: Donna D’Arcy

2011-2012: Marty Lux

2007-2011: Charlotte Taylor & Carolyn Newt

2004-2007: Penny Canario

2002-2004: Charlotte Taylor

2000-2002: Jean Slaght

1998-2000: Ramiza Dahlin

1996-1998: Penny Canario

1994-1996: Dorothy Schumacher

1993-1994: Beatrice Mead

1990-1993: Linda Newman